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A Bit About Me

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I read and write and wander and think...sometimes I just wander.

Yes to conversation, coffee, adventures with friends, great books and the time to read them. I love J'ouvert. I'm an Auntydote and willing conspirator. 

Yes to puzzles, meh to, traditions, reading and writing more yeses.

I've always been fascinated by stories, the mystery of them, the majesty of myths and the power of making and sharing them. I've trained in fire-fighting, linguistics, ammonia production, stage production and mediation. 

Welcome to my mini metaverse. 


Past Events

Some of the collaborations and events I've contributed to...high jinks that I don't always quite know how I manage to get myself into...

Out and about in Edinburgh

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NewFire Festival on Cup of Joe TT

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Future Law Virtual Summit 2020