Updated: Apr 1, 2020

If you feel tired. Rest. One of my nephews is a fairly sober nine year old. His sibs call him "the professor." It fits. When rested. Past bedtime Prof can get wild. Very gremlin-esque. Remember the cute lil creatures that transformed into Wylie Coyote /whirling dervishes? Yup...wild. We know when he needs to go to bed. Not to play some more, or to wrestle, or eat...bed.

Adulting means that you get to be the one to give yourself the "go to bed" order. Recognise when you're tired. In high-stress situations, our bodies produce adrenaline and cortisol...a pandemic qualifies as a high-stress situation. The effect of flight/fright/freeze hormones on the body is immediately energising and then hugely tiring over a longer timeframe. Think about being scared, leaping into the air, or running away and then shaking afterwards. Maybe you suddenly have many more things to juggle at a given time during the day. Conversely, you might be feeling tired "for no reason." Tired while doing less. Any change of routine can be stressful and this month has tossed routine out.side! Just thinking about the number of Zoom meetings I have this week makes me want to take a nap.

Consider getting more rest. Consider not taking your devices to bed. Maybe add in an afternoon siesta. Whatever it takes to keep you from going gremlin.

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