Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The amazing folks on my feeds have shared all sorts of resources to make this worldwide time of retreat an interlude for learning, sharing, reconnecting and even having some fun.

I've gathered some in one post for ease of retrieval. The resources include education links, sites that have waived fees for subscriptions, some sources that were already free, groups and lists of schoolwork resources even *light shudder*, Math links.

The local Ministry of Education has started looking for persons to make online content and while it's staggering that we're on the back foot, the fact that we're starting is...something.

It's potentially a game-changer for students with various barriers to performance since Syllabus specific online content could provide opportunities for students with handicaps, students needing extra help or students wanting to challenge themselves by moving ahead. Access is the word. I remember that there was one Chemistry teacher who developed her own A-Level test prep...a highly sought after resource that you accessed in her classes and my Aunt Joyce had a way of getting Biology across that was extraordinary. Outside of her Composite school class or the tutoring sessions around Granny's dining table her method couldn't be had.

We have an opportunity to look again at the how and the why of what we do...and some quiet time to do it. Let's.

Download colouring books here.

A list of educational resources

A twelve hour jazz mix - 'cause Jazz

Museums with virtual tours

Literary Resources - read-alouds, singalongs etc.

The aforementioned collection of Math resources

Courses from Scholastic

Images from Paris museums

Free Ivy League college courses

Resources for hosting circles online

Check out the Social Distancing Festival

Get your Opera on at the Met - they're live-streaming nightly

A list of Subscription Sites currently offering free subscriptions

A list of enrichment activities

Teaching resources

Drawing lessons! Some live...

A guide to companion planting...'cause we all have a visceral understanding of the need for food security.

A little something to help you look lil' glam on the Zoom calls

Just a caveat to say that this is not an endorsement of any of these sites...please use good old uncommon sense and make sure that if you're using a resource or sharing something with a child you've vetted it as appropriate.

Live long and prosper!

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