Search the surreality of this time

What's odd is the collective sense, of oddness. It's the most dystopian of storylines, playing out in real time, shared almost as fast. Doctors dancing in Iran, a tenor serenading a block of flats in Italy, people queueing outside of bars, empty stadia, empty grocery shelves.

Face to face time with people we are most connected to, who we see most weekdays only in passing and in haste at that.

Loneliness is an epidemic, as harmful physically as cigarette smoke. The volumes of them different, but lung crushing similarly. Now we're asked to keep a safe distance, for the sake of the more vulnerable. We're asked to connect in an effort to leave those physical rights of being where we'd like, in the places and among the throngs and sequester in smaller units...some places going as far as to mandate gatherings be no larger than 5 people.

Public spaces closed, opera and performance halls, shuttered and silenced.

So we stay inside, and look out through our virtual windows into other spaces and the fact that Opera is being broadcast of an evening and people are singing from their windows of and evening and celebrating their medical professionals and offering help...we distance physically. Are we living through a seminal inflection in the way we relate to one another, neighbors and communities and countries? What does this mean now? What are the history books, websites, what is the record going to make of this time? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Isn't is always?

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