Just chill, no Netflix.

On Christmas Day my family would gather at Granny’s house. At some point in the late afternoon, my Aunts and Uncles would start ringing. Calls were expensive. We still wrote letters. This was pre-internet.

This was before cordless phones. Now the landline to this house doesn’t even have an actual copper line input. Same number, but it’s serviced via a sim card.

Imagine this lockdown without the internet. No Zoom meetings, no Netflix, no Houseparty app, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Food Drop, no WhatsApp calls, medical records, Uber, the Internet of things, Imagine lockdown in a smart home with no internet?

Internet bandwidth is being dialled down to accommodate current demand. More than 2.5 billion people are currently under “stay apart” orders. Its resulted in an unprecedented load on service providers worldwide.

The internet was built as a niche solution to a specific problem - time sharing on mainframe computers. Then it was used to link military and academic networks. Now the network of networks is pervasive.

What happens if we break the internet?

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