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Updated: May 5, 2020

A food and food delivery resource post...

(That's one horrid pun of a headline. I like it!)

Not so long ago..well a generation ago, calling up the grocery…shop, making an order and having it delivered by a guy on a bike was not unusual. Newer technology allows us this service…same service, different means of execution. The underlying need is the same. Technology changes, tastes time and circumstance change, but we all gotta eat.

A generation ago, we were more likely to have a tree of some kind in a yard we had access to. We probably also had neighbours we knew who also had plantings of some kind. When neighbours looked across their fences, (if there was fence) and chatted often whatever was bearing was offered. Passion fruit, guavas, oranges, figs, ochro, breadfruit, mangoes, plums or peppers - not from hand to hand when peppers sharing though. Peppers you hang or the fence, because to hand peppers is a sure way to cause quarrels. When five-fingers in season, how many five fingers ar you going to eat, juice, make jam or pepper-sauce with? You grew something, you shared something, something was shared with you.

We all eat. Novelty, opportunity or need, this new normal might have us shopping, making and eating in different ways. We might for the first time in ages, wander into our kitchens in daylight or not. There some local options in grocery and food delivery if the early or late grocery run doesn’t appeal.

D' Market Movers

The earliest adopters I know of in the TT online grocery space. D' Market Movers has offered a market goods delivery service for at least a decade. They are pioneers in the space and continue to iterate.


The Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago - ARCTT offers zero-waste packaging and the additional services of recycling and compost removal. This initiative has made a massive difference in the lives of the rural communities and the customers they serve, allowing folks to make a good living by providing the service of enabling other folks to enjoy organic produce…and CHOCOLATE and olive oil imported via…wait for it sailboat.

Easily order your staples, vegetables, frozen squeezed citrus, some spices, CHOCOLATE and...other stuff via a mobile-friendly system.

Chef Made

Chef Made - haven’t used the service and they're all over my inbox. Reminds me to take m'self of the mailing list. Deliveries of a range of pre-cooked meals. Heat n' eat. If somebody's tried 'em please drop me a line about the service and the flavours.

Food Drop TT

If you’re still not sure where the kitchen is after a week of working from home, use the oven as a cupboard or just simply not ever, ever going to cook…global pandemic be damned…or need a food fix from your favourite spot, check out this app.

Liquor deliveries

To cap off the gourmet meal you've made order drinks for you and your party of not more than nine others from ICEBOX.

Let me know if there are any other services you’ve heard good things about, use and recommend.

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