On padnahs and interdependent-ness

Interdependence describes a relationship both or all parties benefit from. Different from co-dependency - who’s tagline might be “you complete me”. Each part is whole, but the larger whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Systemic gestalt, essentially.

The ways we live, when we live naturally and well here is very co-dependant, we support a network and are supported within a network…actually we tend to be tightly or loosely connected to various networks.

That was the most jarring thing for me, living abroad. In T&t I might not know how to do something or might know what resource I need but not have it, but man-ah-business, woman-ah-business and padnahs will save the day every time.

Enter the padnah. The padnah is the symbol (defining imo) of a healthy interdependency. A padnah from long time will pick up the phone when you call to ask some question about something you sure he know and talk to you like is not three months, six months or a year since you last talked and vice versa….that’s the important part, the vice versa. To really have pandas you need to be a padnah.

The fact of language I think is one of the biggest clues that we are essentially interdependent. We survive as individuals, but to thrive, we need connection, community, interdependent systems. In this weird time, check on your peoples. Call a padnah for no reason.

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