That time it was the end time.

Written on 3.1.12

Is the end of time is it...noice, looking forward to amazing fireworks of the natural kind....and mebbe the Mayans were just calculating the end of an age, sometimes one sentence you read can separate life into the time before and the time after, and one step in one direction can change everything, for you or for someone you might never speak with.

...oh just incase youve been wanting to ask...i tie m'head cause i feeel like it. you wear undies and put stuff on top, yes, kewl! Same concept ;)

this year i and i move forward, leaving some things behind, taking new things on, sheparding others that have been around largely untended for a time.

Questions, questions, questions, asking them, looking for answers, seeking truths and setting aside some fond fallacies.

it gwine be...something

Love full and big and true and deep

The answer and the question are - Love. Only ever love, always


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