To not get picked in a pandemic. Going forward.

Last pick on the side is the worst, when the captain, indicates grudgingly, sometimes without looking that you’re on the side, not by choice but in spite of it.

The newest benchmark might be not getting picked in a pandemic….if you ain’t get call up in the pandemic as Carla Moore says…babe, they ain’t calling.

Enter the task force. Its the call-up side that feels like a reification of every “make sure and pass for your first choice”, important career, implied patriarchy stricture ever….without the doctors, which is a little odd, given that the whole pandemic steering is being led by a statesmanlike Gen X’er. Thank Every Beneficent Being. I can imagine the hassikara t’were some others holding the reins.

Anyways - lewwe make a list.

I’m starting and you can add persons, ‘cause crowdsourcing nuh. Technology nuh.

I’m leaving out these folks prefixes, cause…It is wild that Trinidad and Tobago has persons walking around with world-class capabilities in multiple fields…the fecundity is more overwhelming than the northern range in a particularly Saharan sunset. In random order...except for tenor and Bridgette team is:

Alpha Sennon - Farmer. CEO. Superhero.

Brigitte Joseph - F&B specialist. Causer of geera shortages. Twitter banton.

Edward Cumberbatch - Tenor. Teacher.

Marlon Darbeau - Designer. Peerha perfector.

Keston Perry - Researcher. Teacher.

Gabrielle Hosein - Researcher. Teacher

Ann Marie Ramsundar-Radhay - Researcher. Accountant.

Nigel Floyd - Tenor. Lawyer.

Tisha Jack - Event General.

Gillian Goddard - Chocolatier. Unschooler. Disrupter.

Corey Gilkes - Researcher. Coach.

Nikoli Edwards - Politician.

Elize Rostant - Designer, Culture Specialist. Festival maker. - Elize is my one sister and makes the list in spite of it.

Bridgitte Wilson - Dancer. Teacher.

Kheston Walkins - Researcher. Entrepreneur.

Kevon Foderingham - Founder. Social Change-maker.

Gerard Thomas - Corporate Innovation Architect.

Atillah Springer - Jouvayist. Writer.

Lashaun Prescott - Teacher, Dancer, Economist.

Kimberly Badal - Researcher. Founder.

Giselle Mendez - Founder

Gregory McGuire - Economist

Whew, these meetings….whew these plans.

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