Winterreise, A Walking Tabanca

Winterreise is a twenty-four song cycle for voice and piano that is as central to the tenor soloist's repertoire as it is enigmatic. In 2011, Edward Cumberbatch was preparing to present the entire cycle. The shows, scheduled for September 3 and 4 at Beryl McBurnie's Little Carib Theatre were supported by the entire family of the Lydian Singers. Pat Bishop produced, coached and staged the performance. Adel Bynoe and Mondira Balkaransingh danced. Lindy Ann Bodden Rich accompanied on piano.

I was tasked with providing a bridge - translations for the audience to help them cross over, to connect a winter's desolate journey to something they knew. Winterreise became A Walking Tabanca...I wrote the first eight translations in one night. When I showed them to Pat, she said "it has to be Manwarren...has to be." Wendell voiced the Tabanca, Edward sang the Winterreise. Peter Minshall directed the whole.

Pat Bishop died on August 20, 2011. We made sure the show went on. All walking through a collective winter of grief. In the Little Carib for those shows and for the encore show demanded by the public on September 11, our hearts broke over and over again...and more and more light poured in.

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